California's Central Coast

Harmony - Population 18

entrance to harmony
Harmony is a small little town located north of Cayucos and south of Cambria on the right hand side if you are traveling north Highway One. The sign says population 18 but we just never know what to expect as we near the area. The town has had its ups and downs over the years - a few years back there was a café, arts and crafts shops and lots of photo opportunities. This past trip it seemed abandoned but we understand the post office is still open for business during normal operating hours.

harmony population 18
The town was originally the home of a creamery and dairy settlement back in 1869 and was settled by Swiss immigrants. It seems they didn't get along very well, someone was killed and when everyone decided to change their ways and affect a truce - the town was called Harmony.

The drive on both sides of this charming town is really peaceful and lovely. Each time of the year yields something new - this is what it looked like in April. central coast farm calf piedras blancas cattle ranch field of poppies war sucks roadside lupines coastal view leaving cambria

When you drive by - be sure to pull off the road at Harmony, and email us with any updates about this lovely, little, old town.

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